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Thread: Did anybody experience this?

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    Did anybody experience this?

    Whenever i do barbell curls or even with dumbells my right bicep gets worked right but my left arm, its the forarm that gets worked and the bicep only takes some of the weight. I have been doing the curls with my elbows in by my side and i just dunno what to do, my left fore arm is noticeably bigger than my right and my right bicep to the left. Any ideas or suggestions as to whats going wrong? Also when i was doing reverse curls on the BB same thing, worked my right arms bicep more than forearm and on the left arm, it was the forearm that was lifting and not so much to biceps :/

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    not sure what to recommend without sounding like a curl jockey but have you tried DB preacher curls? I would try that and see if you can tell a difference

    also, if you currently do bent over rows try doing them underhand to hit the biceps and make sure to do some chins as well
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    sorry to sound so noobish but what does DB stand for?, also im just lifting at home and i dont have anything to do chin ups on D:

    Nm ignore that DUMBELL CURLS, Duhh silly me
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