I was thinking about different styles of training and I was wondering what your opinion on this idea was.

Lets say that with your competition grip bench you could hit 405 and 350x6 and with a closegrip you could hit 370 and 320x6. Now lets say that it takes you around 3 weeks to get used to a new bench grip and form.

Alot of people do westside so Il use it as as a example.

Lets say on your DE bench day you worked up to 5reps with your 6 rep max bench for assistance work and every 3 weeks you moved your grip in by 2 fingers. So in 6-12 weeks you have moved your competition bench numbers to your close grip-medium close bench numbers. And even if you didnt get all 5 reps close grip you no doubt would have put weight on your close grip bench.

I have never seen anyone talk about anything like this.

Yeah there are some lifters who would benefit most just from benching close grip. But for someone who has hit a close grip plateau or just has a realy ****y close grip comapred to thier competition bench.... me...