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Thread: Critique my diet please................

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    Critique my diet please................

    Hi all... i'm new BTW and my goal is to lose about 15lbs of FAT in two months without losing any muscle.

    I weight 217lbs with ~15%BF (6'2") so i gotta kill 2lbs per week (IS THAT SAFE & DOABLE??)

    Here's what I have so far:
    Daily Caloric Requirement (Basal+Lifestyle): ~3500
    To lose weight (2lbs/week) - 2600 calories per day

    Protein = 45%
    Carbo = 35%
    Fat = 20%

    Low Sugars!

    Any feedback?

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    Yes it's possible and 2lbs is a good target to reach.

    What are you actually eating bro ? Post the whole thing and not just the break down.
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