Hello Folks,
I'm starting my journal today. I won't be training immediately but plan on beginning as soon as the new month rolls in, which is October. I still need to sign up to a gym. I believe my neighborhood Gold's will do. My ultimate goal is to weight in at 197 lbs with 10-12% body fat. I currently weight 190 lbs and will figure out how much body fat I have once I signed up to a gym. I think I may be on the 20% side. Below I have listed my goal and current status. And after that, my opinion on how to tackle my problem. Please feel free to comment.

197 lbs 10-12% body fat

As of Sept 17th 2007

Weight: 190 lbs

Chest: 41.5"
Shoulders: 46"
Arms: 13"
Quads: 21"
Calves: 15"
Waist: 37"

Phase I:
Bulk up to 215.3 lbs without gaining any more fat. Try to maintain the same amount of body fat. This number was taken form the following equation. Yes, I understand not everything is an equation in life but seeing a number helps meet goals:

Goal: 197 lbs with 10% BF = 19.7 lbs of BF + 177.3 lbs of everything else.
Current: 190 lbs with 20% BF = 38 lbs of BF + 152 lbs of everything else.

177.3 lbs - 153 lbs = 25.3 lbs difference (muscle)

190 lbs + 25.3 lbs = 215.3 lbs

So bulk up to 215.3 and then begin Phase II. This may take 25 weeks to accomplish. A healthy pound a week is what I'm looking at. May be longer.

Phase II:
Reduce body fat to 10%. Go from 215.3 lbs to 197 lbs. retaining as much of the muscle I gained in phase I. That's 18.3 lbs of fat needed to be lost.

Let me know what you think.