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Thread: I need your help and motivation...BADLY!

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    I need your help and motivation...BADLY!

    Ugh! I need some help/motivation/anything....

    I will start with a little bit of background on why I am coming to everyone from any type of help.

    End of October in 2006 I hit my ultimate low, I stepped on a scale and weighed close to 290lbs after weighing 220-230 lbs (most of my life) and at 6'2", 23 yrs old that is probably 90lbs(ish) over weight. Wow was that one of the biggest shocks of my life I swear it just came out of no where one night. I just remember thinking to myself I have gone too far there is no way I can lose that kinda weight, I'm just TOO FAT!

    Well two weeks later I broke up with my girlfriend and decided that it was time for a life style change. I am not blaming it on her but she was the 5'4" 120lbs type girl who could eat whatever/whenever she wanted and for the year together I did the same as her, unfortunetly my body was not built that way and I actually do have to watch what I eat. Well 70 lbs heavier than when I met her and a lot of work to do I started building a plan of how I was going to accomplish my goal, I actually recevied a lot of help from this site and just doing searches on the web along with reading books and magazines.

    Now to skip ahead to March 2007, I am doing great in just 4.5 months I had lost 40lbs. I was down to 250lbs and feeling great about my progress because I was not starving myself I was trying to eat 5-6 meals a day with lots of water and exercise. I knew the first 40lbs would be "easier" than my final 40lbs however I was feeling good about my progress and was ready for the long haul.

    Well middle of March changed my lifestyle, I was out having some drinks with a bunch of buddies and then we headed back to my place. Well on my way into my house I was running and hit a hole on my lawn and strained all the ligements(sp?) in my left ankle. When I woke up the next morning I could not put pressure on it and it stayed that way for about 2 weeks before I could finnally hobble on it. I stopped working out, and began to slack a bit on my eatting habits.

    Now the only "good" news that has come out of this is that it is now August and I still weigh 250lbs so I haven't gained any weight however I could be pretty sure I have lost some muscle. I have decided I am going to get back into the lisfestyle I was enjoying so much and have already been watching what I eat for the past few weeks.

    Ever since that night I just haven't been able to grab any motivation to work out and am just looking for any help:

    - A story if you went through the same type of thing and how you came through it
    - Things you do or have that keep you going
    - An motivational article
    - Some diet/exercise help
    - Really just anything you can give me

    Here is my Diet Plan, I want to eat every 2-3 hours: Please let me know if you think I should make any changes because I really want to work hard at this & make sure I am doing it right!

    - Omelet (6 Eggs)
    - Fruit
    - Fish Oil Caps

    Snack 1:
    - Protein Shake
    - Veggies (1cup)

    - Pork Chops or Chicken (4-5oz)
    - Whole Wheat Rice or Spaghetti (1 cup)
    - Veggies (1 cup)

    Snack 2:
    - Protein Shake
    - Veggies (1 cup)

    - Steak or Pork Chops or Chicken (4-5 oz)
    - Potatoes (1 cup)

    Snack 3:
    - Nuts or Popcorn (not microwave, the old school popper over the stove)
    - Fruit

    I am trying to give myself variety so I don't get tired eatting the same meals day in and day out. Also I love water, I don't drink anything else except Vodka Drinking the 10(500ml) bottles of water is probably the norm for me on any given day!

    As for working out, I want to keep it to about 3 times a week and don't really want to over do it, as I am trying to slim down and not look like Hulk

    Sunday: OFF

    - Barbell Squats
    - Calf Raises
    - Deadlifts
    - Crunches

    - Shrugs
    - Curls
    - Military Press
    - Push Ups

    Wednesday: Golf (Almost every Wed.)

    - Bench Press
    - Bent Over Rows
    - T-Bar Rows
    - Crunches

    Friday: OFF

    Saturday: Paintballing (I do this almost every Saturday)

    I am trying to set it up so I am not doing too much in one sitting because I dont want to get bored and I want to put as much energy into one work out as possible.

    How many reps/sets should I do? How often and how much should I move the weight up?

    Another HUGE question I have is if I want to lose 40lbs what do you think would be a good date for me to set a goal? I was thinking my birthday which would be April but does that seem to far away?

    Please let me know if you need anymore information that can help you, help me!

    THANK YOU in advance to everyone who has read this and for your help.
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