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    So what you guys think about lifting and then swimming a couple laps!! I joined Golds Gym and they have a nice olympic pool there!!! So is that a yes or a no on the swimming???

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    Depends on your goals. If your tring to add mass then I would say ok as long as you eat enough extra food to make up for it. If your trying to lose weight then go for it, just don't go to long or focus too much on cardio.
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    If you really like swimming, go for it. Some cardio every now and again is always good. If you're trying to gain mass though, you might want to plan accordingly like Unreal has mentioned. Plenty of food to support the gains.
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    If you want to swim, then swim!! Enjoy life,dont not do something because your worried about about burning extra calories while your on a bulk. People think too much here.
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    Its just for cardio you know a little bit won't kill me! Its just that I rather swim than run I hate running.. Well I'm going to swim a few laps once a week!!! Thx for the attention!

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    swimming, more so than other forms of cardio, actually does work some muscle and as I recall, eating enough to make up for it won't be a problem (when I used to swim we'd have brutal Saturday morning practices of something like 10,000 yards and then everyone would go get 2 dozen donuts each from krispy kreme)

    I miss swimming competitively
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    Swimming is great...

    I personally wouldn't do it unless I ate something though. Unless it was a quick 20 minute dip or something.

    Bah. Just go have fun. I haven't been swimming once this whole summer
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    By all means, swim! It always helps to stretch me out afterwards, cools me down, and reduces the DOMS I'd usually get the next couple days.
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    I'd say go for it, and you wouldn't be hurting yourself by staying in there. I think I read someone on here mentioning that there's something about the hydrostatic pressure that aids in circulation (reducing DOMS).

    Also, people here shy away from cardio like it's the devil, because it instantly "eats muscle". A few laps certainly will not do that, so don't sweat it.
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    A couple laps or balls to the wall sprinitng for 1000m?

    Big difference.

    I think a few normally-paced laps would be a good warm-down.
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