Hey all:

Like the title says, my goal is to hit a 1200 total at ~220 lbs bodyweight, raw and natural. My goal is to hit that in 1 year, and my total now is 1040.

Here's the original template that Tommy helped me set up. It'll probably change after a while due to tweaking, but here it is.

Monday: DE SQ

* Box Squats: 10 sets of 2 reps @ 45-60% of max
* 5x5 Good Mornings
* 5x5 Reverse Hypers
* 5x5 Weighted crunches

Tuesday: ME BP

* ME Bench
* 5x5 Kaz Presses
* 5x5 Clean High Pulls
* 5x5 OH Press
* 5x5 Standing Barbell curls

Thursday: ME SQ/DL

* ME Sumo Deadlift (I don't have a power rack right now, so I don't know if I can do ME Squats for now?)
* 5x5 Wide Stance Squats (maybe off a box?)
* 5x5 Reverse Hypers
* 5x5 Kneeling Cable Crunches

Friday: DE BP

* Bench: 10 sets of 3 (of 135lbs as Drew already suggested)
* 5x5 Weighted Dips
* 5x5 Clean and Jerk
* 5x5 Preacher Barbell Curls

I'm ALWAYS open to critical comments and suggestions, and I'll hear it out and consider it regardless of your age or strength.

Thanks for stopping by.