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Thread: Titan Katana Bench Shirt.

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    Titan Katana Bench Shirt.

    For those of you that have used this shirt how have you found it?
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    its pretty user friendly. Very durable. I think there is less noticeable 'pop' off the chest than the F6 and fury, but it gives pretty good support right through the lift. I don't think it necessarily gives more than the other titan shirts, but whereas with the F6 and fury you got only a couple of sessions and the shirt started losing support, the katana can take a beating. I have a katana that I have worn about 15 times, including 3 comps and a crap load of training, and its pretty unchanged. oh yeah- the wider neck opening makes the shirt pretty easy to manipulate. I have only used the single ply- no idea what the double is like.
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