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Thread: Ooops.. I did it again - over 40, thinking I'm 20

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    Ooops.. I did it again - over 40, thinking I'm 20

    Well, some of you may have read my journal and my "come back" from a left bicep's tear last fall...

    Well!!! I did it again!!!! this time I tore my right bicep flipping our 875 tire the other day.. the same dang tire that ripped my left one last year...

    Last yr it was my fault.. improper technique (arm was flexed), no proper warmup and too much pride (we had just got the tire, I failed on first attempt, and one of our young studs came over and flipped it.. well I couldn't let this old, fat man be outdone by a strong, hard-working, 20-something...

    But this year, we had worked our way up.. flipping the 400 and 650 were easy... and we had practiced on the 875 from a couple of different heights - 1ft, 8 inches, 4 inches and then finally on the ground. (I had successfully flipped it for the 1st time just a minute before the 2nd rep tore the bicep)

    Surgery?? I didn't get it last yr.. they really said there was no benefit besides the way it looks. I'm not BB'ing, so I don't care.. and surgery means a longer rehab.

    But how do I make them stronger? and able to handle the heavy tires? I was doing great with rehab - even built myself up to 12 chinups - which is pretty decent for an old, fat man. And I've never felt any strain in them on any event in last couple of months - not DL'ing, chinups, curls, or even before on the flips - the darn thing just tears with no indication of a problem?

    And the docs say it could be age, genetics or some combination... Anyone else out there over 40 recover and make it back?

    The docs are frustrating when they can't really tell you what went wrong... or how to make it stronger... there is no real experience around here (at least I haven't found it) with these type of strength efforts.. perhaps I can travel down to Boston and find someone???
    Will the surgery actually make them stronger?

    Some other info:
    • no direct biceps work in the few days before the tear...
    • I had just recently taken a couple weeks off of training for vacation.. the rest had done me some good, b/c I was feeling overtrained/tired in a few of my lifts...
    • my 4th workout back... and I was feeling strong (for me anyway)
    • was taking it easy - good warmup, testing from the higher heights, concentrating on form/technique..
    • I was even the one making sure the other guys who were attempting this tire were being careful of their form, showing the newbies the old tear, etc... I'm the old man of the group (at 42 haha) and was being the "pops" as they call me (most the guys are young 20's, I could be their "pops")

    Thanks for any advice... experience.. pointers... websites... anything... thanks...

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    No, nononononono/

    No!!!!! Get better man.

    God I dont even have the heart to make an old jab I feel so bad right now.

    Being a strong teenager means nothing.

    My wrists hurt, but some people don't have wrists to be sore. My knees have tendinitis, but some people don't have legs to get tendinitis in. I seem to be going backwards with training, yet some people can't even walk let alone lift 400 pounds on a daily basis.

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    That really sucks man! Understatement of the year, I know. I'm so sorry to hear that you got hurt again.

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    Not having ever had the surgery, I'd still opt for it if it won't F-up your life too badly... I gotta believe that the surgery will help it heal better although it will probably take longer to rehab.
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    Oh wow... so sorry to hear about the injury! I hope you recover fully and quickly.
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    I'm sorry to hear that Bear Heal up quickly.
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    Sorry to hear about that man. I'm dealing with injuries too right now. No real experience from me but I have a slight tear in my bicep ligament in my shoulder which is taking some time to heal up and RC injury to go along with it. I've just been icing it to take down some inflammation and resting alot.

    Good luck with the recovery big man.
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    Thanks Built, Fuzzy, Noxon, Twilo, GF and Detard (hope you get better too..)

    Thanks Sensei, but right now, it's going to be rehab and no surgery... mostly b/c of the length of rehab, the real limited use after surgery (I have to use my hands on a daily basis and I can't do cr_p with my left) and the fact that after surgery there no guarantees.. in fact, it's the same percentage for better or the same or worst...

    As far as the future goes, well I have to dianose the list of reasons for it happening.. again... which range from age - genetics - flexibility - dehydation - muscular imbalance - muscles were "tired" ... if my form was good, my strength was on par and I don't take the juice (which I don't)...

    so, I've been thru each of these things and come to re-think some of my training and rehab around them... I do believe the strength was there b/c I had flipped before the tear that day.. and I can't really say much about my age or genetics, pure and simply, those are unknown variables... so that means I've got to work on flexibility, hydration, muscle imbalances and overtraining...

    I'm usually pretty good on the hydration - at least a gallon a day, most days 1.5... some training days I know I get over 2... but, with creatine & caffiene you have to be careful, falling into dehydation can happen quickly... so I need to make sure I'm consistant..

    Flexibility has always been a sore spot for me... I WILL WORK ON MY FLEXIBILITY!!! no ifs ands or buts...

    Muscle imbalances are tough... Legs & glutes are definitely stronger then my arms... so I've got to build some more toughness into them.. perhaps more hanging, which can't hurt because it will continue to build my grip too... perhaps more DL static holds... and some other iso-metric stuff...

    Tired muscles... well, I've been known to do too much on more then one occassion... and I just have to realize that flipping tires is going to put this strain on the biceps that I can not avoid... so, before I ever do it again, I will make sure I have the appropriate rest beforehand..

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    Good luck bear. I'm glad I haven't had to deal with any major injuries so far. Keep us all updated.
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    I broke my arm two months ago and needed surgery to put plates in it. Anyways they had to cut through my tricep, which is basically like a torn muscle, to get to it. After around 3 weeks of physiotherapy i'm finally able to to get close to full range of motion. Strength is a different story however. The tricep is still extremely weak compared to its initial state but Im making progress none the less. I've searched around the internet and found that torn muscles take around 6 months to recover.

    Hope you get better man... don't give up, it will heal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bearwolf View Post
    Thanks Sensei, but right now, it's going to be rehab and no surgery...
    Hope all is well bearwolf. Any updates?
    I know you're half-crazy, but I wish you'd go all the way.

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    How are you faring, bear?

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