I haven't posted for quite a while, but I've been hard at it (and doing some weight lifting)
Firstly here is the routine I'm doing, it's essentially BGB, with a few tweaks.

1) Rack Pulls with Shrugs at top of lift 4x8
2) Back Row 4x8
3) Bench Press 4x6 or 4x8
4) Chest Flys 3x8
5) Reverse Curls 3x8
6) Standing Calf Raises 4x8 or 3x10

1) Leg extensions 3x10
2) Squats 4x8
3) Leg Curl 3x12
4) Concentration Curls 3x10
5) Seated bicep Curls 4x6
6) Wrist Curls 3x8

1) Chins 4x8
2) Cable Rear Delt Row 3x8
3) Shoulder Press 4x8
4) Front Delt Raises 3x10
5) Lateral raises 3x8
6) Seated Calf Raises 3x12-16

1) Leg Curl 3x8
2) Leg extensions 3x12
3) Leg Press 3x8
4) Bench Press 3x12
5) Flat Flys 3x12
6) Cable tricep press downs 3x10
7) Skull crushers 4x8

A few questions, firstly my biceps are getting hit directly on Wednesday and indirectly on Monday (back rows) and Thursday (chins, rear delt rows) I know that BGB is designed to give frequent hits, but is this too many hits?
Also, I'm wondering the same about my front delts. They get hit Monday, Thursday and Saturday, is this too much? Perhaps I should drop the front delt raises on Thursday?
Lastly, I have decided to do two chest workouts a week because once a week isn't really doing it for me, but this then creates a possible problem regarding shoulder presses, which I do on Thursdays. Both chest and shoulder press hit the front delts and triceps, is it a good idea to have shoulder press on Thursday and a second chest workout on Saturday.