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Thread: shoulder pain and deload

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    shoulder pain and deload

    Started lifting regularly again for about 4 months (after taking off about a year) and have been making gains every week. The last few weeks i've noticed pain in my shoulders when doing incline bench and OH presses. The best i can describe is a shooting pain that occurs at the bottom of my motion. The only things that come to mind would be my rotator cuff or tendon. Anyone have any experience with this? Currently i plan to take a week off and/or deload to see if it helps..if not i'm headed to the doc.

    This leads me to my second question. How much of a weight reduction to you all use when you deload? 1/2? My other option would be to take a week off all together since I havent done so since i started.


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    That's how it started with me. Currently my shoulder is torn to **** because I ignored it until it felt better, started going heavy again, and now I can't take my wallet out of my back pocket without a spike of pain.

    If I could go back in time I'd work on my shoulder conditioning/flexibility in the hopes of preventing this in the first place. So many of my injuries and problems are related to going heavy and never stretching or conditioning the muscle being worked.

    I'd see the doctor. If they say it's not injured, just tight, then it's time to start thinking beyond putting more weight on the bar each week.
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    With shoulder rehab, you want to take things slow. The best experience I had rehabbing after a shoulder injury was when I took several months to do it. several times a week I would do light extensions, overhead shrugs, many different ranges of motion with very light weights. I started out benching and only would progress if I could do 10 reps at a certain weight. Each week I would bump up the weight... this method worked well I think.

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    From own experience, I stopped doing any behind the neck exercises, (Presses, Lat Pull Down mainly) and re-adjusted the position the bar was coming down when Benching. More towards the nip line,,,I was doint it closer to my shoulder. Pain pretty much stopped.
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