Okay I'm about 6' and I weigh 205. Also I'm 15. I play football and baseball. For a while I have been telling myself that I'm decently strong and it will be fine, but it all culminated for me yesterday. I was at a friends house and we where messing around in the pool and I was completely outmatched. I was getting pushed around and that didn't feel to good. Then we went out and where played man hunt. No one wanted me on their team because I'm slow. 9'6 60yd dash slow. I was ages behind everyone else. I couldn't jump over the fences that my friends where. And it just pissed the hell out of me. I do decent in baseball and football. I'm not amazing, but I work hard. I just have a pesky gut in the way.

So my question is how can I increase my overall body strength/running while also dropping bodyfat?

I lift about 5 days a week in the morning before school, and I then I have football practice afterwards. I started seriously lifting about a week and a half ago. Before that I had been doing about 3 days a week doing bench, squat, box squat, cleans, and deadlifts.

My diet looks something like this

protein shake before and after my lift
protein bar for "breakfast" before I go to school

A sandwich on white bread- it alternates between turkey, ham, and roast beef
a small bag of doritoes
4 oreos (my mom packs my lunch...)

protein shake after football.

varies to much to really pin down.

note I try to drink about 200 oz of water a day. I heard that you should drink your body weight in oz everyday.

I have about an hour or so to lift in the morning.

Any advice, help, or encouragement would be greatly appreciated.