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    115lb Barbell Thruster x 4
    Max Double Unders

    At the start of every minute you take the bar from a squat to overhead 115lbs (thruster) 4 times then do as many double unders as you can for the rest of that minute. You repeat it all every minute for TWENTY minutes. Your score is your total double unders. I got 176.

    FMMFL. This is the toughest WOD i've ever done. There's no chance to breathe, no stopping, the F'n click dings the next minute before you even clear your head from the previous minute. Just about everyone missed 5-6 minutes of reps. I sat down twice--I've never done that. 115lb thrusters is tough for me so after a few rounds it was taking about 45 seconds to get them done.

    Got a huge headache after so i stood around a long time, then did 2 60 second planks, 2 30 second bar hangs, and a few sets of 10 40lb med ball slams.

    I feel like
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    5/3/1 Journal


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