My nephew was at the house yesterday and talking about his 375lb deadlift again. He really wanted to go downstairs and workout so I went down with him. First, he got under the bar for squats. I set the pins and rack height and he went at it with 115. It was as if someone took a damp egg noodle and stood it up, then just let go. It was hard to watch, so I suggested we try something else.

Then came bench. He told me his best ever is 275. He's 18, about 5'6" and weighs So he puts 75 on the bar and reps it a few times. I could tell already that 275 wasn't even remotely a possibility. He gets 95 on there. I use the rack pins as a bench spotter so I set them up for him too, and stood behind him but not in a real spotter's position--it was 95lbs and he benches 275. He then proceeds to do two shaky reps of 95, then loses control and the bar falls off to the right. I grabbed it and put it back before an epic crash occurred as he squirmed around under So he tries again a few minutes later and the same thing happens, so I gave him a few pointers and his reps improved. It was clear that he couldn't bench more than 115 or so on his best day.

Then he says "so what do you deadlight with?." I said.."huh?", and he asks where my deadlift bar is. With a confused look on my face I point to the barbell and he's like "oh..I've never tried it with that kind. We use this other one (*proceeds to make a diamond shape around his waist*). I'm like "oh, you use a traps bar." His 375, although still a farce, is at least becoming a slightly less absurd lie. So he gets setup, and I try to give him a couple quick pointers, such as dragging it up the shins and not letting his hips shoot straight up. He actually did decently ok for the first try.

So here's the thing..One rep at a time, he worked his way up to 265 for a single, then failed to lock it out a couple times before calling it quits. Not 375, obviously, but it was still double bodyweight. I found that really impressive, and mentioned that being "not very tall" (because I don't like to call people short) was actually an advantage for deadlift. The thing that drives me crazy about all this is that he's got real potential at his age and size, yet he makes up these stories. He should be extremely proud of a DBW lift after only 6 months of lifting and with bad form and just leave it at that. No need for the stories, ya know? he's old enough that it probably wouldn't do much good, but I kinda wish I lived closer to him and his brother (16) so I could give them a little male role model guidance. Plus, they do chores around the yard for me.LOL