Ok for old times sake ill throw out a new one. i was recently in Djibouti, Africa. We were pretty much out in the middle of nowhere in a kind of rocky wasteland area. We were out driving around when we saw a small group of hunter gatherer types. About 6 or 7 small kids and 2 older women watching them. We decided it would be cool to hang out with them. So we got out of the vehicle and went over to see what was up. Obviously the language barrier was present, so we had to make due with some version of sign language. This essentially got us nowhere. Finally we realized that maybe we should give them some type of offering. We had quite a bit of food on us so we gave the little kids some m&m's. The second they tasted them these kids started wildin out. im talking jumping up and down, screaming in tongue and ****. Completely freaking out with joy. Each eating half a pack at a time. Then we gave them some jelly and other things loaded with a lot of sugar. They just couldnt get enough of it. Shortly thereafter half their village showed up. We couldnt give enough of the food to them, so we just left a lot of the sweet stuff to the little kids. Anyway as we were loading up to roll out a group of the men showed up and pretty much hijacked it all. Pushed the kids aside and took it all for themselves. Anyhow we left but wound up coming back to the area about an hour later. When we showed up we saw the three men that had taken all the candy puking it all up. I guess they ate all of it by themselves. It was pretty cool seein them get theirs in the end. Anyhow it was pretty amusing and one of the more memorable moments their. Next to when a translator tried to talk us into trading one of the american chicks for a couple goats.