A friend of mine is currently doing the following routine...
4x6 F. Squat/Bar
3x7 Bench
2x8 G’Morning
3x7 BO Row
2x8 Calf R Neutral, __SuperSet___2x8 Hammers/Curls,

4x6 DeadLift
3x7 OH Press
2x8 Step up
3x7 Chin up
2x8 Calf R Pigeon,__SuperSet___2x8 CGB/SkullCrushers

4x6 SLDeadLift
3x7 Incline Press
2x8 Lunge
3x7 45 Row
2x8 Calf R Penguin, __SuperSet___2x8 ForearmBar/FWalk

Week 123___ 132___231___213___312___321___7th week break

Anyway, I was just wondering what you thought of it; or if you had any other 3day full body routines to suggest to him (other than Starrs and Rippetoes!!!!)

Are the delts gonna be hit enough??

I had the same post in the weightlifting forum but got no real replies.