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    new goal

    well i have been lifting for a few years now and for about the last year i have stayed aroun 210. but i ready to really hit the weights hard and pound some food and mainly cut the drinking down to a minimum. so i have been thinking of a goal weight, and i think its going to be 235. thats about a 22lbs jump. it a high set bar but im very stubborn and always reach my goals. im thinking of starting a journal to track my progress. but my real question is how much time should i give myself to obtain this goal? BTW im just shy of 6'4" and south of 10% BF gestaminet.
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    You should aim for 1-2 lbs / week. Any more than that is more than likely going to be unwanted fat. Although at under 10% and 6'4'', you could probably bulk a little quicker because of your big, lean frame. Good luck with your goals.

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    1-2lbs a week sounds good to me... I've seen a lot of people do more than that and have problems containing their bodyfat.
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