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    Working Abs

    I hear it more then anything, people always say abs are all about diet and you can get a great 6 pack with just your diet. If this is true what is the point of working abs out intensly at the gym then? i work out Abs 3 days a week sometimes with weights because i "think" weights will get them larger but when i work abs for a while consistently i always feel like my stomach is tighter and more cut mabie its more mental then anything. Basic question is what does working the abs out actually do IF the diet is pretty much what gives you the 6 pack.

    Also working abs with weights vs no weights difference in results is what?
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    if you had weak abs and try to squat a lot of weight you'll be very unstable.
    Work your abs like any other 'extra' muscle, 1 or 2 times a week, couple sets(2-3) and you'l be good.

    weight vs. no weight
    matters what lift your doing, I try to do all 'functional' ab training. It doesn't require any additional weight.
    Try hangiing knee's to elbows
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    weighted ab work will make your abs strong and larger. however your not going to beable to see them if there is a layer of fat coving them. that is were diet comes in.

    and like adam said strengthing your abs will help your other lift increase
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    Strengthening your abs will make your core stronger. Don't over do the abs just, because they can recovery faster. It's a muscle like any other.
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    I agree with the comments... diet + weighted ab stuff = good abs
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    I did very little ab work leading up to my show. I've always been more concerned with core strength.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cphafner View Post
    I did very little ab work leading up to my show. I've always been more concerned with core strength.
    Whats the difference?
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