I've never used straps before, and was planning on never using straps ever. I think grip strength is cool, and straps would hinder that a bit.

That was until my gym got these new barbells last week, which are significantly thicker (and possibly 5lbs heavier) than the bars we used to have.

I happen to have little girl hands, and this has always made shrugs, deads and stuff like that pretty tough for me, but I've always worked through it without resorting to straps.

Now though, with deads, I'm still okay because I used a mixed grip. But with shrugs, I use an overhand grip, and that bar is slipping out of my hands 4 reps into sets I'd normally get 10 with. It's just impossible for me to do shrugs with this bar.

So... I'm thinking of getting some straps and using them for nothing but shrugs.


And, out of curiosity, how many of you happen to use straps for shrugs?