Let start off with stats:
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Weight: 217lbs
BF% (Tanita scale): 14.1%

My goal
Cut down losing about 15lbs. of FAT (2lbs/week) by May 1st. Then do a maintenance program and maybe a bit of bulking to increase muscle mass without gaining fat till June (1 month). Then cut down some more for 1 more month @ 1-1.5lbs/week.

The methods:
1. DIET! I figure most important thing: Going for 2600 cals daily and a Protein 50%, Carbs 20%, Fat 30% w 1 high carb day/week.

2. WEIGHTS! 3 times a week - 1 hour sessions 2 body parts/session. Balancing high intesity low reps and high reps low intensity. Goal here is to maintain muscle and maybe add a tiny bit.

3. CARDIO! Gradually getting into HITT first thing in the AM. Spring/Walk/Sprint/Walk etc... 3 times a week on non weight traning days

Now onto the truth:
Day 1 & 2 have been my research days. I've spent my evenings surfing every single thread in the Diet forum and @ Elite. As far as food goes i'm still fine-tuning my intake. Calories were a little low on the first day, a little high on the second and so so today. I'm trying very hard to eat 6 meals a day instead of my usual 3.

Today I went to the gym and worked out back and triceps for about 45 mins (first time in 6 mo.). Had a good protein shake afterwards.

Man i'll tell ya.. it feels SOOOoo good to get back in shape or to THINK that i'm about to get back in shape. Well best of luck to me I guess... and i'll add another entry soon.