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Thread: Strained Abdominal muscles

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    Strained Abdominal muscles

    I'm looking for some treatment options or help. I was pulling this really heavy box out of the closet one night. It was up high over my head. I never bent over but I strained my left side in the area of the Linguinal Ligiment, external obliqe,transversus abdominis, internal oblique etc... I do a lot of mountain biking and I should have not rode so hard after this happend. I have been exercising pretty much normally ever since, But I'm not better and The aching pain does get worse if I push myself. Its been about 3 weeks and i've had times where i was on the mend it seemed. Iv'e read it can even take months to recover from problems like this.

    Symptoms: Mostly sore pain right next to my left hip bone few inches below my ribs and almost all the way down to my private. Also it can hurt some towards the center next to my belly button. It does not hurt any worse when i bend over or press in the abdominal area. The edge of the muscle area seems a tiny bit bigger then my right side, But that could be from the muscle being inflamed.

    Sorry for the long story, Just would like to get some help and make sure theres nothing wrong with my organs. I'm 28 year old male.


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    I had a very similar injury a few months ago. I went to the doctor and he check around to make sure it wasn't a hernia (it wasn't ) and settled on it being a strained muscle. Ice it and take a couple weeks off. After easing back into my routine, it was fine.

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