Ok I searched the forums and couldnt really find my exact problem addressed so I am making a new thread (forgive me if I did not search thorough enough)

Ok so my Biceps are totally out of whack, my left is a full inch bigger (I am just realizing this to btw) than my right. Here is the thing I am right handed and one would normally think the larger one being stronger. I read people giving advice on unilateral movements and doing more sets with the smaller pec/tricep ect ect.. However my smaller right bicep is far stronger than its counterpart.

Soooo what should I do? As of right now I am doing an arms day that is one big tri set mixing up excercises delts/tris/bis with biceps always coming in last. I usually do DBs for biceps and all variations and my form is usually spot on. occasionally I will do some straight bar work but I have not ever noticed favoring one side over the other. I am open to all suggestions and or comments..