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Thread: 5 years from now, how big?

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    5 years from now, how big?

    I lifted for almost 1 1/2 years and got up to 185lbs at ~10-12% BF. My lifts weren't huge by any means (205 BP, 315 Squat, 350 DL), but I was the leanest I think I have ever been and the most in shape.

    I am not there right now, and in fact I am pretty out of shape. I started back up and hope to frequent here to gain motivation and keep me in the gym. My finance is also offering her support. I am interested though, at my height ( 5'9") what weight range could I reach naturally in 5 years or more? I have seen some pretty lean mean lifters my height at 190, so that is possibly doable, but how about 200lbs? Whats your guess on the lowest BF% I would have to have at that weight?

    I'm not just curious though, I would like to have an absolute goal. Some guys might tell you there are no limits, but I think there is at some level, your body only makes so much testosterone, can only put on and maintain so much muscle, etc. I would like to keep it below 15%, but I think there is something about being at the 200 mark.

    What say you?

    edit: just wanted to add that I am currently 200lbs with a pretty high BF% (22-25% likely, yes fat) and I am getting married on May 25th. We are planning on a Caribbean honeymoon so I would like to be fit and trim (aiming for 175) so assume the 5 years starts after I reach 175.
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    it all depends on how you do it how consistent you are your genetics.
    if it was me i would go down to a low body fat then start a clean bulk in 5 years i would say you COULD be 210 at a low bodyfat. thats if all the variables are correct. I am 200 at roughly 14% bf at 17
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    Impossible to answer.

    5 years is too long a timeframe. Set short term goals that map to a long-term goal.

    Your post is somewhat confusing but essentially you're asking if you can go from 175 to 200lbs in 5 years, (assuming you mean without adding "fat"). That's basically 5lbs of muscle per year for the next 5 years.

    Is that doable? Yes. (Probably also depending on your age.) Read the stickies at the top of this board to find out what to eat and how to lift.

    The bigger question you have is that you want to be "lean". Everyone defines that word differently for themselves. Eating right will be key.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Theres really no way to tell, too many variables and some of them you just can't control. Even if you do everything so as to maximize gains you might never be as lean or as big as some people your height / weight just because of genetics and age, theres really no way to tell how big and how lean you can get before having to turn to juice. But given your previous gains, I would assume you know what your doing and I think you could probably hit 200 and still stay lean. Set short term goals, personally I think you'll achieve a lot more that way.
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    I have a spreadsheet made (I make spreadsheets for everything, lol)that has my weekly goals all the way until the big day. Weight goals, lift goals, running goals, etc.

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    I've gone from 140lbs at 5'9 to almost 210 at the same height in 3 years of lifting. I wouldn't consider myself the least bit fat. I'm definitely under 15%. Like you said, it depends on your testosterone, diet, and other factors, but being 200 at your height is certainly doable, and well within 5 years at that.
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