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Thread: Question about mixed grip Deadlifts

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    Question about mixed grip Deadlifts

    Short and to the point: When I am using mixed grip deadlifts, should I alternate the hand that faces palm forward every rep or set, or does it basically not matter? I don't want to end up with asymmetrical bicep muscles or whatever.
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    Bis? I think you mean forearms, if you do mean bis then your definitely doing something wrong there. And I think the majority of people alternate when they deadlift, including me, specifically to keep forearm development proportional. Although to be honest I don't know for sure that it really matters. I alternate every set, to change it up every rep would probably bring down my focus, and a real bitch on my grip. Heavy deads(heavy for me...) means I grab that ****ing bar as if my life depended on it.
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    the mixed grip wont affect forearm size much if at all...

    ive been using a mixed grip on all forms of deadlifts since i started doing them like 6 or 7 years ago and i can tell no difference between my forearms rather in size or strength.

    the mixed grip makes it easier to hold the bar imo, cause its like each hand pushes the bar into the other and they kinda reinforce each other
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    When I did mixed grip my traps grew uneven, I started pulling double overhand and then they grew symetrical again. So you might want to alternate grip to keep that from happening.
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    I can't do alternate grips, for some reason it totally throws me off and makes me struggle. I do just fine with double overhand so I'll stick with that for awhile yet. I just need some chalk.

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    I can see how whichever side your holding underhand could be lacking in grip strength compared to the overhand side. I use the same grip every time, so if I switched it up and used the opposite hands my deadlift would definitely drop. I don't see the big deal though, as long as you can hold the weight why does it matter if one side is a little stronger than the other?
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    [QUOTE=berfles;1783428]I can't do alternate grips, for some reason it totally throws me off and makes me struggle.[QUOTE]

    Same here. I just cant do it.
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    Short and to the point: Yes switch them up.
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    I always go left hand under-hand. Both my left bicep and forearm are about 1/2 inch bigger than the other side. Do I care? No... But it's pretty neat
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    Quote Originally Posted by North View Post
    When I did mixed grip my traps grew uneven, I started pulling double overhand and then they grew symetrical again. So you might want to alternate grip to keep that from happening.
    its all about the o ver hand grip but sometiems i do alternating grip once my forearms are about to burst and icant grip for ****
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    The real benefit to mixed grip is added grip strength... meaning that unless you use straps your back/legs wont get as much benefit from the deadlift b/c you can't hold as much.

    You can always do shrugs, farmer's walk, rows, etc to make things more symmetrical. I only do like 4 sets of deadlift a week... and at least 12-16 sets of the above mentioned and I've had no problems staying symmetrical.
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    I lifted with the same mixed grip for so long that it affected my back strength. I know soreness is not an indicator of anything, but when I switched my grip one side of my back was much more sore than the other. Coincidence? Possibly.

    Anyways, I pull double overhand with as much as I can to increase my grip strength and switch to mixed when I start pulling singles.
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    I pull with the same hand over and the same hand under every single time. Works for me.

    If you can do your whole deadlift workout with a double-overhand grip and no straps you are not lifting to your true potential. Unless you are using the hook grip, you will need to go mixed grip or straps.
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