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Thread: Bench press question

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    Bench press question

    this is probably beyond a noob question but i'm gonna ask it anyway, does it make a major difference if you do barbell bench press or dumbell bench press? my friend says no but i'm sure there must be some difference at least?

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    yes, well major no, to me yes.
    your not going to be able to get yourself to press as extreme on dumbbells as on a barbell, the barbell is much more intense IMO.
    I always say those who use dumbbells are just skeerd of da bench.

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    balancing is needed for dumbells. pick up some 125 lbs n tell me im scared... pffft

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    There isn't a "major" difference, but there are minor ones... for most people. There are some people who find it stressful on their rotator cuffs or due to other issues to bench in a fixed position, so they use dumbbells. Dumbbells are not easy- they require independent balancing, and many people swear that dumbbells do more for their development than the barbell does. Of course, some people just like to talk numbers, so for them nothing beats a barbell.
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    Initially all I did was DB press and got up to a pair of 100s before I got on a real bench. I feel that having stronger stabalizers made my BB bench better. Then again I could be full of ****, I mean placebo.

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