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Thread: Buying Used A.C.E. Course Material

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    Buying Used A.C.E. Course Material

    This guy is selling the used ACE Course material for $150. It includes everything including his personal notes. Brand new this costs $450 so I am thinking about buying it but is there anything I should know?

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    Bascially my question is is there anyway I can get screwed over by buying used course material?

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    As long as they aren't out of date or smell bad and it's everything you need then it sounds like a win-win situation!

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    I'd do it

    I think I spent about $450 on everything (including price for the test)...IMO you only really need the ACE Personal Trainer Manual...but the workbook and practice tests did help a little I guess

    take notes as you read on EVERY chapter and review'll do fine
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