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Thread: Fears come to pass

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    Fears come to pass

    What do you guys do when you realize that all of a sudden one of your worst fears has come to past??

    Well throughout my young adult life ive expereinced a lot of death, i mean in my fam alone since 1993 there has been at least one major death every year. I mean you name it, sickness, overdoses, accidents and all types of things. But the one thing I could always take silas in was that no life has ever been taken away from me.

    Well i can no longer do that.

    Last night my cousin was murdered by her bf. Its been like bad dream over the past few hours. I would go into details but it was pretty ****ing brutal. my emotions and feelings are all over the place, ranging from self pity to insane rage, luckily ive been keeping my putter emotions in checked its just a total ****ed up situation

    Whats even more ****ed up is that we got word from the DA that there might not be enough evidence to pin the case on him because they lived together and his DNA and finger prints were all over the house.

    im so ****ing tired of death and loosing people that im close to in my life man im just sick of this **** man. (dont worry im not suicidal, just pissed off and

    so for those of you who are god fearing people pray for me and my fam to give us peace and help us through these times...

    so what do you do when your worst fears or something youve always feared has come to past??
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    I'm sorry man. What do I do? I don't know, what can you do other than accept it?

    Your in Texas, right? Somehow I doubt that he will get away with it. Texas seems to lack idiot jurors.

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    This totally sucks, I really REALLY hope this guy gets whats coming to him and much more.

    No matter what the situation, I would NEVER take anyones life or even think about doing it. Life is too fragile and enjoyable to cheat yourself or anyone else out of any of it.

    You and your family are in my prayers man, put faith in the good lord to make this right.

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    Thats really terrible, I wish you and your family the best and hope the scumbag gets put away or worse.

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    I'm so sorry. It's going to be a long, hard journey getting through this, but be strong. My prayers are with you.

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    sorry to hear that man. that sucks. stay strong.

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    How unfair to see your cousin's life stripped away in that manner, God bless you and your entire family man.

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    It's such a tradgedy to see someone's life claimed, especially in such an unfair manner. Keep with your family and you'll find a way through it.

    I'm impressed that you have managed to keep your emotions in check. I would have choked the son of a bitch until someone ripped me off him.

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