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Thread: Finding a regimen with some limitations

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    Finding a regimen with some limitations

    I am getting back into strength training/lifting after a couple of years off (lifted as part of sports through HS and College). I am somewhat limited on the equipment I have available, however. I have a an adjustable bench (no leg attatchment, only goes to 45 degrees), 2 dumbbells and 1 barbell, with roughly 125lbs of free weights. My wife and I are planning on moving about 6 months from now, so I don't want to buy more equipment or join a gym until after the move. At this point, I want to build up my strength and tone over the next 6 months and re-evaluate my plan when I have more equipment at my disposal. I am assuming that supersets and greater are probably out due to weight switching on my dumbbells. I should add that I am in reasonable enough shape to not shy away from any exercises and have no pre-existing injuries that would limit me.

    I'm looking at something along these lines (although I am by no means tied to this):

    Day 1 - Chest and Back
    Day 2 - Legs and Shoulders
    Day 3 - Crunches/extended cardio
    repeat for 4,5,6. day 7 rest.

    With that in mind, what would be some good workouts, given my equipment restrictions?

    Thanks for you help.

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    Join a gym with that limited equipment its gonna be tough. You need to be able to increase weight every week to see progress and 125 lbs is not going to last long at all... exspecially if you lifted in h.s. and college.

    bench - 245 x 2
    squat - 315 x 5
    dl- 355 x 1
    goal - Bigger Faster Stronger

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