I'm just curious to see how much people here spend on food per day. I tried to put some numbers to my own food intake, and was surprised to find it was nearly $9/day - and that assumes I only ate food that was prepared by me, as opposed to eating at a restaurant (although I don't do that too often).

So as a quick survey, I'm just wondering:

1. About how much you spend per day on food, and supplements that count as food (i.e. whey protein, gainers, MRPs - basically anything that has a caloric value)

2. About how many calories you eat per day (just ballpark it if you don't use fitday or anything like that, surely you can guesstimate to within 1000)

3. What types of things you typically eat - it doesn't have to be too specific - i.e., milk, oats, McD's cheeseburgers, 5 scoops Nitrean, etc.