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Thread: My First Bulk Ever

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    My First Bulk Ever

    I'm 19 years old now and I'm starting my first bulk. In the past I haven't felt the need or want to bulk because believe it or not I was able to put on muscle during a cut. Now heres whats up. For the past month I was cutting because I felt that i needed to cut because i wasnt able to do so during the summer because of work. Bummer. One month into it i'm thinking to myself that i'm not growing as fast as i'd like to. You gotta eat big to get big I thought to myself. So I jacked up my calories from 1,800-2,000 to 3,600 maybe even more. I started this bulk on Tuesday (9/18).

    Before the cut my arms were 15.5 flexed and i had at 33 inch waist. I dropped an inch from my waist and my arms got up to 16-16 1/4. I wanna let you guys know of something before I go further into what I'm doing.

    Last year I had not expected to run track in college but i ended up doing so and my coach tells me im too big. before winter season training started i was putting up PR's for myself. I benched 255, squatted 335 10 times, and deadlifted 435 once. The entire track season which lasted from january to june i did not work out. I did not workout all summer. Once i started getting back into it my knee was starting to act funny--not necessarilly hurt but just not acting like it used to. So to be safe i quit track because thats what started the funky feeling in my knee.

    Now i'm back at it again trying to put on some meat.

    Currently I'm using nano vapor (please save your criticism of muscle tech, i no i no, but i think its better than no xplode and animal pump), dymatize elite whey (which i love because when i used on 100% whey i had acne and now that im using this protein i dont have acne--very nice), and AST Pro 32x multi-vitamin.

    I'm eating 6-7 times a day, eating typical meals consisting of eggs, oatmeal, chicken breast, turkey breast, beef, tuna, salmon, whole wheat bread, potatoes, salad, fruits, cottage cheese, and what ever else I may have forgotten.

    My workout routine consists of this (for now):
    Monday - Chest and abs
    Tuesday - Back and calves
    Wednesday - Shoulders traps and abs
    Thursday - Quads and hammies
    Friday - Arms calves and abs


    Cable crossovers 3x20,15,12
    Incline dumbbell press 4x15,12,10,8
    Flat dumbbell press 3x12,10,8
    Flat dumbbell flyes 3x15,12,10
    Weighted dips 3x12,10,8
    Cable crossovers 3x20,15,12
    Hanging leg raises 3x20
    Cable crunches 3x20
    Russian twists 3x20


    Straight-Arm Pulldowns 3x20,15,12
    Lat Pulldowns 3x15,12,10
    Bent-over Barbell Rows 3x12,10,8
    Barbell Close-Grip Rows 3x12,10,8
    One-Arm Dumbell Rows 3x12,10,8
    Seated Cable Rows 3x12,10,8
    High-Pulley Rope Rows 3x15,12,10
    Deadlift 3x10,8,6
    Barbell Wrist Curls 3x15 superset W/ Reverse
    Standing Calve Raises 3x20
    Seated Calve Raises 3x20
    Leg Press Calve Raises 3x20


    Bent-Over Lateral Raises 3x12-15
    Lateral Raises 3x12-15
    Front Raises 3x12-15
    Shoulder Press 3x12,10,8
    Upright Rows 3x12,10,8
    Cable lateral raises 3x12-15
    Shrugs 3x12,10,8
    Lying Leg Raises 3x20
    Crunches 3x20
    Russian Twists 3x20

    The tri-set is like a triple super set


    Leg Extensions 3x20,15,12
    Squats 4x15,12,10,8
    Leg Presses 3x15,12,10
    Lunges 3x15-20
    Stiff-Leg Deadlifts 3x15,12,10
    Standing Leg Curls 3x12-15


    Dumbell Preacher Curls 3x15,12,10
    Cable Triceps Pressdowns 3x15,12,10
    Barbell Curls 3x12,10,8
    Close Grip Bench Press 3x12,10,8
    Incline Curls 3x12,10,8
    Incline E-Z Bar Extensions 3x12,10,8
    Standing Reverse Curls 3x12-15
    Overhead Cable Extensions 3x12-15
    Barbell Wrist Curls 3x15 Superset W/ Reverse
    Standing Calve Raises 3x20
    Seated Calve Raises 3x20
    Leg Press Calve Raises 3x20
    Reverse Crunches 3x20
    Russian Twists 3x20

    The workouts/sets/rep range might change depending on how i feel but for the most part that's what my workout looks like.

    Since it is my first ever bulk i would like to hear some healthy criticism on the workout, what i should be eating, etc. Although these workouts are extensive and sometimes take 1 1/2 hours to complete, i do not get overtrained by them since i've done a regime like this before.

    Thanks for reading.

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    If you get all that done in an hour and a half you are not resting between sets, if you are not resting between sets you are not going heavy enough, if you are not going heavy you are not being as efficient as you could.

    180reps on calves?????12 sets for your biceps???????
    You need to ditch this workout and start reading!
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    Barbell Wrist Curls 3x15 superset W/ Reverse

    But whatever works for you! If that's you in that avatar you look pretty good, so whatever...

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    yes that is me in the avatar... that picture was taken a lil over a year ago. last year i did the same amount maybe even more and i put on 3/4 of an inch on my arms in 3 months on a cut. you no what they say, different strokes for different folks. plus im playing around with the program to exactly see what works for me and what doesnt... in the past month when i was cutting i quickly regained much if not all of my strength. like for example last year i was doing 225 for barbell rows and currently im doing 200 for that rep range i specified. i was doing 115 about 8-10 times for barbell curls and now im doing 100 in that rep range. within the next two weeks i hope to be getting pr's.
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    42 sets on friday?

    That's not even close to overtraining
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    plus the first workout per body part are just warm-ups to be honest--i dont go to failure on these like dumbbell preacher curls or the triceps pressdowns or cable crossovers or leg extensions or w/e.

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    I'm trying to stop myself.
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    Thats entirely too much volume.... youll definitely need to take care of the diet and compensate.
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    WOW, way too much volume man

    stick to the compounds and maybe a few good isolation movements
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    Way too much volume... what were you thinking?

    Even in my "high reps" phase I didnt do that much volume.

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    My jaw dropped after just skimming your routine. The more I read it the more my jaw dropped.

    It's really that bad...

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    4x6 F. Squat/Bar
    3x7 Bench
    2x8 GíMorning
    3x7 BO Row
    2x8 Calf R Neutral, __SuperSet___2x8 Hammers/Curls,

    4x6 DeadLift
    3x7 OH Press
    2x8 Step up
    3x7 Chin up
    2x8 Calf R Pigeon,__SuperSet___2x8 CGB/SkullCrushers

    4x6 SLDeadLift
    3x7 Incline Press
    2x8 Lunge
    3x7 45 Row
    2x8 Calf R Penguin, __SuperSet___2x8 ForearmBar/FWalk

    Week 123___ 132___231___213___312___321___7th week break

    WBB Routines

    BGB Routine

    Starting Strength and Starr5x5 are both good routines.
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    I thought I might as well turn this into a workout log. Heres what i did today:

    Cable Crossovers 3x15,15,12x140lbs
    Flat Dumbell Press 3x8,6,6x160lbs
    Incline Dumbell Press 3x10,8,8x140lbs
    Flat Dumbell Flyes 3x15,12,10x70lbs
    Weighted Dips 3x12,10,8x35lbs,40lbs,45lbs
    Pec-Deck Machine 3x15,15,12x80lbs

    Definately not the best chest workout i've ever had but numbers are going up. Keep in mind that the cable crossovers were merely a pre-exhaust/warm up workout.
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    I suggest making a journal in the "online journal" section
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    Way too much volume on everything. Drop this workout!

    bench - 245 x 2
    squat - 315 x 5
    dl- 355 x 1
    goal - Bigger Faster Stronger

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    Your workout scares me! Id be in the gym all day completing that...try something else I say!
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