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    critique my program

    this is my program help me out iwth some advice.. if u guys are wondering why there isnt that muc hshoulder excersizes is because my roatator cufs just stopped stinging cuz i took three weeks off to make the cuffs stronger and i dont wanna jump in two quick

    Id also like to know what day do you guys think is best to put my rotator cuff exersizes in

    Day 1

    BB (barbell) flat bench- first set is 10 reps, then the next 2 are to failure
    DB (dumbbell) bench- three sets of 8
    DB incline bench- Also three sets of eight
    Skull Crushers- Three sets of eight

    Day 2 back and biceps

    Deadlift three sets of 5
    Pullups(to failure)
    Bent rows one set of 10, three sets of eight
    DB rows
    Hammer curls
    alternating db curls

    day 3 Shoulders
    rotator cuffs
    Military press
    db press

    day 4 legs
    Squat three sets of 5
    Box Squat three sets of eight
    lunges three sets of eight
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