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Thread: Today I skipped my workout

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    Today I skipped my workout

    Today I skipped my workout what should i do? Should I do the same workout tomorrow on my rest day or what. My workout is upper body on monday and thur. and lower body on tues. and frid. My rest day is wed. Should I do it tomorrow

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    don't worry so much
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    If u took a rest day today...just do the workout you were supposed to do today tomorrow.
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    yeah dont sweat it and do it tommrow and just push evrything a day back, missing one workout wont hurt, just dont make it a habit
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    Everyone has to miss workouts... no big deal.
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    Yeah, don't worry about it. It happens to everyone. The feeling of knowing you are about to miss a session sucks though, I know how you feel. Everyone here does too.
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    it can be annoying if you wanna hit a new max or something, but i wouldn't worry about it
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    missed one day!

    Seriously,it's don't a big deal.On to the next day.
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    one of two things:

    1) push everything back a day
    2) skip what you were supposed to do and move on

    In the grand scheme of things, you won't start looking like Screech if you miss a workout. (Unless you already look like him, and in that case you have bigger problems than missing a workout!)
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