Hello first time poster here Trying to get me bulked up and not be skinny any more, and I seem to be stalled on doing so.

I am 34yrs old, and got seriously back into weight lifting this Spring. I am 5'10 was 165lbs in spring now closer to 180lbs.

This is the routine I have been following all Summer;


Deadlifts or Power Cleans
Barbell Rows, Dumbbell Rows, or Wide Grip Chins
Barbell Curls, Close Grip Underhand Chins, or Hammer Curls


Incline or Flat Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press
Barbell or Dumbbell Shoulder Presses
Tricep Dips or Close Grip Bench Press


Front or Back Squats
Barbell or Dumbbell Stiff Leg Deadlifts
Calf Raises (3x12) - only if a seriously lagging bodypart
Weighted Crunches or Weighted Hanging Leg Raises (3x12)

I have been doing this whole routine in a 5x5 format for every exercise the last 3-4months, and I did get a little bigger, but not the t-shirt busting arms I thought, and my chest and shoulders did get little bigger but not night and day different.

Should I now be doing a different routine to really get some gunz on my arms, maybe a little higher reps not 5 but move to like 7-8 ??