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    Squat pain advice

    I have recently left the infantry and decided I'm going for a more bulking style routine. While I was in the army, I had an overall weight regime (sometimes split routines, sometimes all over workouts depending on what I had during the week), but never really wanted to bulk too much since the sort of work I was doing was about endurance, endurance, endurance and not strength.

    Now however, I'm bored and want to bulk, perhaps a dangerous combination since I think I have already injured myself. I started with the squat and could hardly believe how weak I was (started with 70kg (154 lbs) on the bar - almost died doing 17, then 12 reps (intended 20 and 15)) - I thought I would be better since this is the kind of weight I'd TAB with for hours on end in the army, let alone squat, though I guess the mechanics are different and I did not respect this as I should. I did not join the infantry because I am smart... anyway I did this twice, four days apart, and I now get a really crippling cumulative pain in my traps when doing squats or deadlifts. Oddly, ONLY when doing these exercises, as if the pain somehow travels up my back from my legs. I can do dumbbell rows with really quite heavy weight and feel no discomfort at all - same with lateral raises, shrugs etc. But ANY kind of squat, including dumbell squats and dumbells on shoulders, causes really cripping discomfort that radiates into the back of my neck and my head, which really slows me down for the rest of my regime since it lingers, and I like to start with squats. The pain does not go away for a good hour, basically ruining the effort I can put into the rest of my regime, since it causes a kind of overall ill feeling.

    I am a complete newbie tool at squats and I'm pretty sure I started out with too much weight. I don't feel the need to see a doctor/physio as the pain ONLY occurs at squats, not in any other exercises or during my everyday working life. I had my technique looked at by a tankie friend and he said it was fine, I had originally honed my form without weight, but then went straight to 70kg, which I thought was light and well I guess it is..

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this sort of pain and/or tips they could offer to avoid it in the future? I've heard of the benefits of the squat and this basically puts my bulking plans on their arse. I rested it a week and tried again yesterday, but the pain came back after two reps and I stopped instantly. I was thinking resting it for six weeks is probably the minimum I'm looking at.

    Sorry for the vague outline, but any input would be appreciated.

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