For those that thought Vick was innocent in some areas of his dogfighting, think again. He admitted yesterday in a written guilty plea that he killed 6 of the 8 dogs. He also admitted his 'enterprise' was affiliated with gambling that he was part of. He 3 ex-friends also admitted to similar things. The state of VA now is in cruise control to send him to jail for a long time. Vick had now an opportunity for the maximum sentence of 5 years per dog or 30 years total (6 dogs x 5 years/dog). Forget about football. He needs to find a new lawyer or pray that he will even be alive when he gets out if given the maximum sentence. The case already has shown that Vick, who was once untouchable in our eyes, is probably worse off than most people ever were.

Tyson pleaded guilty to DUI charges and can get 3-4 years in jail for that and coccaine possession. Seems a lot more than Lohan ever got. But then again Tyson has a bunch of haters.

OJ is well... OJ. No need to say more.

Vick, Tyson, and OJ are part of the Wasted Talent Dynasty. It is amazing how much Vick and Tyson especially have fallen. Millions gone, and jail time to rot away the talent they once possessed.