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    Rep Question

    I tried to search but really couldnt fine what I was looking for.....

    Im a newbie (about 2 months of working out) I have seen a huge difference in my body size. I read Bill Philips book Body for Life. In the book he shares his work out which I am attempitng to mimic. Anyway his reps are like this:

    12-comfortable weight
    10-add 10lbs
    8- add 10lbs
    6- add 10 lbs
    12-original weight.

    This is what I have been doing but with free weights and having 5 sets takes a lot of time having to put weights on and take them off....I remember growing up and lifting in the garage everyone seemed to just lift 3x10.....

    My goal is to get larger. I have come along way with my weight. I was 272lbs 3/06. I am now 183lbs but still have some core issues ( I think most of it is just skin)

    So should I stick with what I have been doing? I read that if you want to put on muscle you should lift heavy for short sets and if you want to get lean lift lighter but higher reps....

    any help would be appericated.....also does anyone know how much a e-z bar weighs?


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    A normal ez bar weighs 15 lbs. Atleast where I come from. I can't help u on the other one cuz I'm bad at giving advice.
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    I'm pretty sure most EZcurl bars weigh 25. At least ones with olympic plate ends. You can always do different amounts with reps/weights. Like for my benching I do a heavy 5x5 flat barbell bench, then a bit lower weight 3x8 incline dumbell press. Variety is keep or your body will adapt.
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    USE THE SEARCH FUNCTION...for both of your questions

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    Start lower rep with high weight.

    Then do higher rep with less weight.

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