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Thread: Mike Wolfe's "Children's Charity, Christmas Classic Bench meet"

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    Mike Wolfe's "Children's Charity, Christmas Classic Bench meet"

    Hey Guys,

    Just wanting to let everyone know the meet is coming up again. It will be held here in Celina Ohio on December 1st 2007. Last year we raised over $600 cash and 2 van loads of toys to be given to the Charity. My goals for this year is break the $1000 mark and get a BUNCH more toys.

    This is for a really great cause and the money donations and toys are evenly distributed throughout the county to needy children and families to help them during the Christmas Holidays. Alot of us took it for granted that when we came downstairs on Christmas morning there would be presents under the Christmas tree. Well imagine a little kid coming downstairs and there being none We can totally help change this for some unfortunate kids.

    Even if you cannot make it and are willing to make a small donation every bit counts. I will except any amount cash or check you can personally mail it to me at:

    Mike Wolfe
    310 West Market St
    Celina Ohio, 45822

    Now here is a copy of the entry form if anyone wants paste it off here or just shoot me an email at

    Thanks guys for all your help!!! Wolfy!!!!!



    Meet Site: Breakaway RecPlex ~ 6301 US Route 127 ~ Celina, Ohio

    Start Time: Meet starts at 10am ~ Rules meeting at 9:30 AM

    Entry Fee: $30 plus a NEW UNOPENED Toy equal to approx. $20 All toys are to be donated to "O.U.R Home Family Resource Center" to be distributed to families in need during the Christmas Holiday.

    Weigh-ins: Friday, November 30th from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    Saturday, December 1st from 8:00 AM to 9:30 AM

    Weight Classes will be 3 Divisions for men:

    ~ Lightweight class 0 upto 181 pounds
    (132's - 148's - 165's - 181's)

    ~ Middleweight class 182 upto 242 pounds
    (198's - 220's - 242's)

    ~ Heavy Class 243 pounds and up
    (275's - 308's - Super's)

    ~ Female Class ~ decided by Formula
    (all Females no matter age or body weight)

    ~ Master's Class ~ decided by formula
    (all men over 40 no matter body weight)

    ~ Male Teens ~ decided by formula
    (13 - 19 no matter weight)

    Basic Rules:
    Bench Press Shirts of any ply allowed ~ Wrist Wraps and belts are allowed ~ ELBOW WRAPS ARE NOT ALLOWED ~ Singlets are not required but must wear tighter fitting shorts ~ No Bouncing Bar off Chest ~ Must wait for Rack Signal ~ You may lift your Head ~ Your feet must stay in contact with the floor ~ Your Butt must stay in contact with the bench.

    Guest Lifters Appearing, but not Competing
    To be announced later!!!!

    Send all entries to:

    Mike Wolfe
    Apt 1
    310 West Market St
    Celina, Ohio 45822

    * You may send Cash, Check, or Money Order. Make all Checks and Money Orders Payable to Mike Wolfe *

    Please bring the New Unopened Toy with you the Day of the event

    * For more info fell free to call:
    (419) 584-2393 after 6pm Weekdays
    or email:

    Weightclass ~ Men's open:

    Lightweight _______

    Middleweight _______

    Heavyweight _______

    Teens _______

    Womens _______

    Masters _______

    By singing this waiver I here by give up and waive all legal rights or actions against Mike Wolfe, Breakaway RecPlex, and any of there helpers including all of the spotters, the loaders, the judges, and anyone else that Mike Wolfe and or Breakaway Recplex have onhand helping with the Children's Christmas Classic Touch n'Go Bench Press Contest held on 12/1/07 in the event that I am hurt, injured, or killed.

    signed:__________________________ dated:____________________

    Parent/Guardian if under 18:___________________________________

    There will only be 50 spots filled so get all entries in by Nov. 18th 2006 Thank You for partaking in this wonderous Event. Mike Wolfe!!!!!
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