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    Lifting straps

    I know it is generally considered not a good idea to use straps, however, what if you don't really plan to rely on them and am doing other supplemental grip work?

    See, I just recently joined a new gym and for the most part it's better than my last, but the knurling on the bar is not deep at all and my grip on deadlifts suffers because of it. I've done 435 before, but with these bars I failed on my third rep with 355. So I figured I'd start training grip and for the time being use lifting straps for my heavy deadlifts (won't use them for lighter ones, only my last set). How does that sound? Because I know I can deadlift much more. With a bar with deep knurling 355 would be pretty easy for 5 reps, but not now.

    Also, here's what I'm doing for grip... (three times a week)

    3x15 seconds Two Hands Pinch Lift for holds
    3x15 Finger curls with an Olympic Bar
    3x15 Two Hand Wrist Curl
    3x15 Two Hands Reverse Wrist Curl.

    Also, while I'm at it I figured I'd pick up a belt (again, only used for max effort lifts) so how does this one look?

    I also plan to compete later down the road so would that belt be legal in powerlifting competitions? While I'm at it I guess I'll pick up some chalk. I currently have "liquid chalk" because my last gym didn't allow chalk.
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