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Thread: how to win an election

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    how to win an election

    you need money.
    I am still undecided on who I am going to vote for or even make it past the primaries.

    doing a little research on the candidates and you find all these no-names running, why are they no names, cause they dont have massive funds backing them
    I found and in each candidates profile it lists the amount they have raised, spent and have on hand, all the ones everyone is focusing on has some serious campaign cash, and you see why they are in the spot light, cause of the money
    the democrats have ALLOT more cash then the republicans for starters.
    here is a list of a few
    Hilliary $45 mill, $12.8 mill
    Obama $36 mill, spent $16 mill
    Mike Gravel (you might ask who is that guy) he only has $36k, spent $100k
    Edwards $6.5 mill, spent $13 mill

    Giuliani $18 mill, spent $11 mill
    McCain $3 mill, spent $13 mill
    Ron Paul $2 mill, spent $500k
    Romney $12 mill, spent $20.8 mill

    of all the candidates I think Ron Paul has done the most with his money with getting his name out, mostly coming from his stance. Could be what America needs right now to really help out economics and keep America strong internally. I am unsure though of his non-foreign policy involvement policy as there are pro's and con's to it, as Early on the USA took that stance, but quickly changed when it began effecting the US. I think we need some involvement at the right times or the Hilter's and Ahmadinejad's will do great evil. I would like to see our currency be put back on the gold standard, instead of letting our dollar decay like it has. We need to over come china's surging economy as well by producing more goods to supply the world.

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    If you live in a closed state, make sure to register for the party of the candidate you want to vote for in the primaries.

    Visit for Ron Paul, for example.

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    I'll never vote for a Democrat. I'll vote for Micky Mouse, but then again, he could be democratic. He just never tells anyone.
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