I always get persistent nagging pain in my lower back, after a heavy squat session My form is Good, and the pain DOES NOT radiate down the legs or anything... But there is enough pain afterwards to make me feel miserable . Not exruciating or anything , just dull and persistent. (no muscle soreness)

It's always excarbated by deadlifts or heavy squats etc... This is getting really annoying, and i ve hit a plateau in strength on squats because i have to lay off heavy squatting for my back to recover every time !

Could i possibly have herniated a disc? I had an X-ray taken (not MRI, though) and it showed no disc problem.
If i had one, wouldn't I be in agonizing pain?

Another thing that seems to exacerbate the pain is bending forward esp. if i have my spine flexed

What should i do! plz help? what could that be? if it was sciatica i would have pain down my legs/glutes which is not the case here.
Dont tell me to forget heavy lifting.

My hamstring flexibility is fine, my hip flexors are fine too... by back gets stiff though when it aches, probably because of the spasm it goes through..

every time i work on heavy squats, or anything that puts compressive forces on my spine aggravates the lower back pain! I didn't have this shizzle

a year ago! And the weird thing is, that i dont feel any pain DURING squatting, it's becoming apparent about 2-3 hours after the cessation of the activity.

Any help is greatly appreciated