Hey guys,

i finally reached my weight loss goal after 11 months of hard work. in total i lost 80 pounds of fat. Now it comes down to my question. I still have a small belly and excess fat but i only weigh 155 and im 5'9''. that means i have hardly any muscle on me whatsoever, i wanted to continue losing weight but i was told by others that i shouldn't. I have now begun to consider bulking up but im afraid of gaining fat back. so i wanted some advice on products and foods to eat to help aid in my muscle growth without packing on fat. I this stage in my life, i really want to be in good shape and im still not (19 btw). I have purchased 100% gold standard whey and other stuff but im afraid to eat too many calories in fear that im going to gain fat. Since i have been on a diet a long time i have trouble trying to consume excess calories because of this. I am used to eating around 12-1500 calories a day but i know i need more to gain muscle. So any tips would be great, please im in need of help.