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Thread: What can i expect?

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    What can i expect?

    Im 136.4 pounds at 171cm. I'm 15.. eating 6 meals a day I record my calories and my protein.. and strive to eat over 3000+ cals a day and 150g protein a day and I usually get it about right.

    my question is what can i expect for a 15 year old? huge gains?..


    also my measurements etc..

    Bicep - 11.9 inches
    Chest - 37.6 inches
    Calfs - 14 inches
    Forearms - 10.3 inches (flexed)
    Neck - 14.5
    Middle part of upper leg - 21inches

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    also forgot to add im 12% bodyfat.

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    You can expect to gain some weight, resulting in having to eat even more.
    age: 25.... height: 5'8 .... weight: 170

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    yes of course. if you would do that continuously definitely. but take it easy man. there's a proper gradual weight gaining. you might have been doing it the right way.

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    you will definately put on weight, not rapidly, but if u continue like u do and train hard, while getting propper rest, u will put on quality muscle weight. also, ur young so dont get discouraged if u dont blow up right away, ull gain weight, but it will take time.

    its good to see someone trying to improve their body by actually eating the right way and taking the time to get the right amounts of food, instead of looking for some quick fix miracle supplement or steroid to do the trick. keep doing what ur doing bro!

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    fuzzy I'm only a year older than you. I've been working out for 6 months and I can already tell a difference. I have pecs developing and the line through the chest. It's not that impressive but it's progress and that's fine with me. Take a pic of yourself every 6 months and compare them. You should see a difference. I wish I took a before picture of myself before I started lifting..
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    Eat more! Bulk until you are obscenely heavy and get as high as 22-24% body fat.

    Then shed it up and watch the ladies jaws drop.

    You could expect to hit 150-155 on newbie gains before you plateau
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    expect alot!

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