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Thread: Can I wake up and immediately drink my Pre-WO Drink then head to the gym?

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    Can I wake up and immediately drink my Pre-WO Drink then head to the gym?

    Or do I need to eat a big Pre-workout meal (fast digesting protein and complex carbs) first, wait a couple of hours, THEN have my Pre-workout drink and head to the gym?

    Lately I've been just waking up and jumping right into it, but I've been reading articles saying you should get a good pre-workout meal in a couple of hours before, especially after having just woken up.
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    Just get some food in your before hitting the weights. Its really not that complicated.
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    just be careful early in the morning. sleeping = spinal decompression. from some of what I've read that can increase vertebrate/disc injuries on load bearing exercises like squats and deadlifts.

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    I wake up at 5 am drink a protein shake with 3 scoops of protein total of 75g and work out at 6 am started this about 6 months ago and went from 350 lbs down to 280. my bench went from 300 to 425 and I have dropped my body fat from a whopping 37% down to 18%. It is not when you work out but how you work out but you do need something in you in the way of protein and cal.
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    The pre-workout shake should be just fine.

    Remember to take the extra time to really warmup in the mornings.
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