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    Hi fellas my friend told me that tea, whether green or black, washes your body of nutrients. Is that true, cause I drink like 3-4 litres of tea a day.

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    why would it?

    I know tea has tanic acid. Other then that, I dunno what could be so active in tea.
    It sounds like it can be reactive with protein (in a positive or negative way).
    *waits for a biochemist to join thread* lol
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    3-4 liters of hot tea a day?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimum08 View Post
    3-4 liters of hot tea a day?
    It a part of Afghan tradition

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    yes, drink it. it has antioxidants. it doesnt necessarily "wash the body of nutrients" but it will help to flush out excess ones, hence the phrase taking a piss.
    i drink about 1-2 liters of green tea a day, its perfectly fine
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