I found this place from a friend and it seemed like he was getting a lot of support and good advice so I thought I would start a journal. I am currently deployed to Iraq so it is hard to get a calorie count since they don't give us any accurate nutrition info. Plus I work nights, so my schedule is a little messed up. I workout at 2 am 3 days a week (every other day) and I supplement with NO2, creatine, and protein powders.

I weigh about 185lbs right now. I am not very lean at the moment.

I am just finishing up a period of three heavy lifting weeks (The workout had me do six weeks of prep for these three weeks). This is my last week of this stage. I am getting my workouts from the Book of Muscle right now.

My workout starts with 5 sets of abdominal work done as a circuit for two circuits. Then I go straight into my heavy sets.

Saturday @ 2am:
Bent-Over Rows: 2 Warm up sets, Then:
8 reps @ 165
6 reps @ 195
4 reps @ 215
12 reps @ 155

Incline Bench Press: 2 Warm up Sets, Then:
8 reps @ 155
6 reps @ 175
4 reps @ 185
12 reps @ 115

Seated DB Hammer Curl: 1 Warm up set, Then:
8 reps @ 50
8 reps @ 50
12 reps @ 30

I am coming off a shoulder injury, but I went up 20lbs per set on the incline bench from the week before so I am feeling much better. The shoulder seems to be healing fine. This is my second workout of the week. I have one more and I go on to a new stage of my workout. I will update again on Monday when I do my last workout of the Stage. I feel like most of my strength comes from my back, but I am going to try and catch my chest up.