Ok, so I have never done a squat in my life and I'm having a bit of trouble finding this "shelf". I watched Sensei's video and read about positions and they make sense in theory, but I can't see to do it even with only 115lbs without it hurting my traps. I could do a bunch more than that if it weren't for that, but I'm sure I just have to find the sweet spot since this is literally the first time I've tried. I started with the bar just to get the form right and set the spotters on my rack, then I threw two 35s on and it started hurting. I know there have been tons of threads about this.

I don't think I need to build my traps up more, they seem good enough to create the shelf. Maybe I just have to man up and get used to it.

Here is a picture with my shoulder blades squeezed and another with a quick placement of the bar, which didn't feel that right. It wasn't on my vertebrae but still hurt the traps.

Do I need to work on them more or do I just need to keep experimenting until I find the spot? I don't know if my traps are half decent or if they are girly.