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Thread: Long-Term Bicep Issues

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    Long-Term Bicep Issues

    My dad has been getting back in the gym, and he's noticing a couple injuries that have been giving him trouble for several years. Two of the issues seem unresolvable, but the third one might be something that can be fixed.

    He was doing an arm wrestling tournament ~7 years ago, and he was in a tough match that lasted like 4 minutes. Anyway, he really strained his bicep, and it is still really bothering him. Chin-ups are exceedingly hard on it, and he can't really do any real weight on curls without it really flaring up. He has laid off training for a very long time before now.

    Is there any real road to recovery for this?

    Would a cortisone shot be a reasonable solution?

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    I'd go see an expert. A physio would be my advice to my dad.
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    if he rested it for 7 years i have my doubts about it healing. But yes i would tell him to get physiotherapy.

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