HOLY S*** now that was one bad a** workout.

Day 1 is squat strength

3 warm up sets

working sets:
set 1 - 6 reps @ 185 lbs
set 2 - 1 rep @ 205 lbs
set 3 - 6 rep @ 195 lbs
set 4 - 1 rep @ 225 lbs
set 5 - 12 reps @ 165 lbs
set 6 - 20 reps @ 155 lbs

The point of this "wave loading" is to make the lighter sets feel much lighter then they usually would if I would have started off with that weight (ie. the 12 reps of 165 lbs. was cake after doing the previous 4 sets. The 20 sets of 155 wasn't necessarily cake, but it felt a lot lighter then 155 did during my warm-up).

remainder of working sets:

3 supersets of 15 reps with no rest during each superset:
bulgarian split squat supersetted with step-ups, with 35 lb dumbells

(my legs were shaking by this point)

2 supersets of 10 reps with no 60 seconds of rest during each superset:
back extentions supersetted with swiss-ball crunch, with a 25-lb weight.

(Now that was tough)

This is the strength 1 routine from the "New rules of Lifting" book. It's a 4-day split. Day 1 is squat strength, Day 2 is horizantal push/pull strength, Day 3 is deadlift strength, Day 4 is vertical push/pull strength. The big "wave loading" sets is what each day starts out with, because the ultimate goal of this routine is to increase the maxes on the squat, deadlift, flat bench, barbell row, military press, and weighted pull-up. Each day has additional exercises after the wave-loading just to completely kick your a** and put you through hell (plus it works the opposing muscles that the wave-loading didn't directly hit).

So far after one day, I'm really hurtin, and it seems like a really good workout. I'll keep updating this thread to let everyone know how this routine is working to increase my strength on all the major lifts.