So today I totally blew my cut. I have been cutting for a few months now eating about 2000 cals. Today we went out for my mom's b-day to the Crazy Buffet. They were having a special for $12 bucks you get all the sushi, crab legs, filet mignon, sachimi, and chinese dishes you can eat. Personally, I had 2plates of chinese, 4 6oz pieces of filet, bowl of wanton soup, 3 of those small little Chinese cakes, 2 bowls of ice cream, and a choco covered marshmallow. I have to say I feel like such a fat a$$. Hahaha. It was so worth it though.

But my question is.... will my body be able to handle that much food since I'm not used to eating so much? If not, who gives a crap? It was prolly the best meal I've ever eaten haha.