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Thread: Cardio recovery time

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    Cardio recovery time

    Been working on my cardio lately trying to get it up.
    Just wondering what the recovery time for it is.

    For example, say i run 2 miles today, and get puffed. Run 3 miles tomorrow and get puffed. 4 Miles next day and so on.
    Does your cardiovascular system need substantial recovery time like weight training does?
    Obviously people are different, but have there been any studies anyone is aware of that document the bodies ability to gain and lose cardio endurance?
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    It depends on what you do and how fit you are at that discipline.

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    My problem with running everyday isn't a tired CV system, but moreso from aches/pains associated with shin splints and especially sore calves.
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    Im not sure of the studies on it but from my personal experiance cardio recovery time is quick. Provided you don't go with crazy long cardio sessions (+45 mins) or go stupid hard each time coupled with longer sessions.
    What I like to do is one day standard cardio, Ex. 30 mins fast steady pace
    and one day HIIT style for 10-20 mins
    I'll add to that that I only do low impact cardio, Bike or rowing, and stay away from running. I used to run for a bit but as bikkstah said it wasn't my CV system that needed the recovery, it was my joints and mainly shins.
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